Mahmoud Elkhatib Africa legend

  • 30 April 2020

One of the top 4 legends of AlAhly

Most of you watched Abu Trika, Elkhatib played the same role in AlAhly first dominance in African football

In 1971 Elkhatib joined AlAhly at age of 17 to start a long journey in AlAhly club continuing till today

Elkhatib was AlAhly main striker and he is the top scorer in AlAhly history in all competitions. He is also AlAhly top scorer in CAF competitions with 36 goals in 49 matches only.

Mahmoud Elkhatib got with AlAhly a lot of trophies:

10 Egyptian league
5 Egypt Cup
2 Champions league
3 Cup Winners Cup


His generation has a very special record of playing 6 consecutive continental finals win 5 of them between 1982:1987
They also won 4 Continental big titles in row between 1984:1987.
They won 3 CWC in row 1984-1985-1986

Elkhatib gof best player in Africa award 1983

He was chosen from both CAF & France football as one of best 30 players in history of Africa

He was also chosen by France Football as one of best 10 African talents never played in Europe

He was chosen by IFFHS in the legends of footbal history (he and Abu Trika only chosen from Egypt)

He was top scorer of Egyptian league twice 1977/1978 and 1980/1981

One of AFCON best IX in 1980

December 1st 1987 Elkhatib retired and started his new career in administration of club as he was vice president when Abu Trika generation was playing

December 1st 2017 after 29 years of his retirement Elkhatib was elected AlAhly president to start a new part of his long story with AlAhly

Elkhatib is a great legend started and will ever last



Mahmoud Elkhatib Africa legend