bodybuilding 5 mistakes not to commit

  • 24 April 2019

If you make one of his mistakes, it's time to make small changes!

1 °) TO FOLLOW A PROGRAM TOO ADVANCED When we start bodybuilding, we tend to want fast results, motivation is at its maximum and we give everything. To get the fastest results on the best solution, use the most complex and difficult program: ERROR!

One of the most important points of bodybuilding is to follow the program that best fits your experience and your level of training. If there are programs for beginners, intermediate and advanced, this is a reason. By following a program that matches your level, you are sure to gain your muscles and at the same time, you need their buying power.

With experience, we can train more and more to continue to progress. A beginner who starts bodybuilding by performing 6 intensive sessions a week can waste time and greatly degrade overtraining and bless themselves. Take your time, start with a simple program in the body and as soon as you feel what you are capable of, recover well, resume the increased workout volume.

This is similar to the previous point. We often see music practitioners changing programs for each other, always. The truth is that you will not see convincing results if you quit your program after two weeks to move on to the next. Choose a simple and perfect program and follow it for several months with the objective of progressing on each of the exercises used. It is the basis for gaining strength and muscle mass.
There is no need to spend each week of a new program to follow that you have seen in the magazine of the month. If you observe results, you gain in strength, you develop why be eager and change absolutely.
When to change programs You can change the program if you feel that you are no longer progressing. You can change if you are really tired of this routine, you lose your motivation and you need a program reinforced by a new one. You can finally change the program if you reach the end of the cycle and want to move towards a slightly different goal (force, dry, etc.).

(Eg forearm, isolation exercises, trapezius, etc.)
This is especially important when you start doing weight training. In the first year, if you are doing a full 3 day program a week, we advise you to focus on the big movements in the list of priorities. This is for example the bench press, the squat, the press, the rower, the tractions etc. These exercises on the peculiarity of being polyarticular and therefore involve a large number of muscles. It is on these exercises that you will become strong and develop the bulk of your muscle mass. You are here to buy in your little test of small isolation exercises, but they are less important.

So, if you are new and you prefer to get the best results, you can not tie it to the details too long. Multiply exercises and isolation series for small muscles such as trapezius, forearm, arm, posterior deltoid, etc. is a waste of time that you could have developed. With a larger workout volume, you can more easily, but you do not want them to be worked several times bigger than the muscles of the legs, back and chest. The biceps, triceps, trapezes will still be solicited during these exercises.
Failure or failure is a debate that often takes place between passionate bodybuilding conversations. First, a lot of things have to happen in time, the program has been used, the program has been used, how often you have trained the same muscle every week, the exercises in question, and so on. it was complicated to give a precise answer without context and precise program.

In general I recommend not to go to failure on all series and especially at the beginning of training. Indeed you have probably already experimented, you give yourself thoroughly on a series and you feel that you are less successful on the following series, c is completely normal. By keeping a little margin (1 or 2 rep in stock) on the first series you can perform the number of repetitions you target on the following series.
Going to failure on big movements tires the nervous system, can harm your session and your recovery. On the other hand, some appreciate to go to failure or almost on the last series for example, this can be done from time to time. In the same way, going to failure on a long serial insulation exercise like the biceps curl will not really have any negative consequences because one recovers easily. Another factor, if you train a muscle several times a week, then it is better to maximize recovery and avoid going to failure on the big exercises.

Sometimes we focus on certain muscle groups and we neglect others. We often start bodybuilding with specific goals: More pecs or more arms for example. And suddenly we focus on these muscle groups and we abandon some others. In the family of abandoned muscles we often find the legs and back. And later when we want to catch up the development of these muscles, well it's very difficult and we realize that we would have done better to train them from the start.
If you want a balanced, harmonious, strong and without weaknesses physique then train all the muscles of the body from the start! Do not give up muscles because you do not think they're important at first or you feel like you do not see them when you're dressed, for example. Have a balanced development and adjust the training volume for each muscle according to the speed at which they develop. If a muscle is more difficult to develop, it may be necessary to assign a larger amount of work.


bodybuilding 5 mistakes not to commit